Stuart Husband, lover of fast motorcycles, sports cars and martial arts, and of course beautiful women!

Having a father in the motor trade who raced karts, Stuart was bought up behind the wheel of a kart or car.

by the age of 14 he was driving his illegal mini to school and taking kids dinner money for driving lessons.

Racing his home tuned motorcycles, from a Kawasaki Z1000 to a old GSXR 1100, managed to survive and move on to fast cars, He is now building a Porsche sprint car, every day ride is a modified Porsche convertible.

Judo and karate from the age of 10, but scroll forward 40 years, not much has changed, except his porsches are now legal!

Training in Escrima and Thai Boxing under Grand Master John Harvey since 1997 and winning many title fights in Escrima, and many Thai boxing bouts, also practicing Silat, JKD and training in Krav Maga.

I am now offering ultra sonic carb cleaning, bead blasting and alloy polishing cor motor cycle parts and car parts.

i will add a gallery to show some of my work