Welcome to my website. I am using this to document the mods on my porsches and any work and modifications that may help 944 owners improve their cars.

there will also be my martial arts page, old videos and pictures with new videos being added.
weapons training, drills and more.
A restoration of my Star Gemini 1980 Yamaha 250 Superkart, i bought this of Jim Coulthard so it may have been raced by David!

My Militaria shop is things i have collected over many years, this is just a  hobby not for profit or a business, I do not use PayPal due to being scammed via PayPal. payment would have to be cash on collection or bank transfer. please feel free to pop round and view any potential purchase. ( call first please )

Flitwick Engineering Ltd is my business, I build control panels from my workshop, or at clients locations.

Installation and site work is a large part of my business.

Customers have included ABB, More Control, Allen Bradley and Harland & Simon. Tyco / Johnson Controls.

Panel construction, layout, wiring and  test. please call for quotes, or find my C.V. on CV library

I also have ultrasonic cleaning tanks, bead  blasting cabinet and gas /  mig  welding equipment , alloy polishing services, for car and motorcycle parts.