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I have always liked the shape of these, and with this interior. My favourite!!

This one came with 370Z wheels, which I believe look better than the original 17″ Rays

First thing  is to make sure the brakes are as good as can be,  new vented discs and track pads all round with Hell brake lines and dot 5.1 fluid

Add a carbon rear wing

As someone who cant stop modifying their cars, I have started on the interior. god you would not believe the price of a genuine Nissan gear knob!!!! replacement seat parts to and a custom made boot divider to stop parts flying forward and it also keeps what is in the boot out of sight.

so we took  the car to Santa Pod to see what she runs.

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Not as quick as i would like, so time for engine mods, first some Malian headers and decat pipes

while i have the car up in the air i am fitting a lightweight flywheel and clutch from Tarmac Sports, new slave cylinder and Hell stainless clutch pipe

fitted one new seat base and one rear section to replace the slightly worn ones, added a carbon front splitter.

Fitted Kinetix plenum plenum chamber and had remap at Horsham Developments, also had my steering wheel refreshed by Royal steering wheels, Aylesbury, really lifts the interior