I have always loved the look and shape of these, saw this on ebay one night, after a few beers and an online loan sorted in 10 minutes, now she’s mine.
Below are the pics from the advert

The modifying starts, into the shed with the standard exhausts, on with lovely race pipes and correct ecu. nuts and bolts are all being changed to titanium as i go, blue alloy sprocket cover in place of the cheap nasty one fitted

For christmas december 2022 she got new wheels in matching bronze ( like the frame ) oberon alloy clutch cover and a new rear disc.
I have already fitted new grips, gold clutch and brake cylinder caps. titanium bolts are turning up regularly now!

Demon tweeks sent me the wrong rear disc, but a replacement has just arrived, along with blue titanium dzus fasteners and new rear pads.
And new front discs.

More titanium!

A little more bling to smarten her up! Oberon billet clutch cover with anodised alloy bolts, new chrome clutch springs with gold alloy spring caps from Ducabike

First ride since i bought her, this is Woburn im Bedfordshire, the bike certainly turns heads and gets compliments

Since my ride i have swapped the wheels over, that was a good time to add my new sprocket carrier with all new titanium fasteners.

Along with the new hub i have added all new titanium fasteners, even the gear shift pivot is titanium, foot pegs, hangers and gear and brake levers have had the casting marks removed and been highly polished.
Gear and brake rods are custom made in titanium.
£££££ spent

My new gold wheels have new tyres now, i ended up buying all new brake calipers as two had siezed bolts in them and when i tried to fit my titanium bolts the original bolts rounded of. got stuffed with import tax as the calipers came from Italy, but with new pads and new lines, dot 5.1 fluid it looks the mutts nuts

treated the bike to a new carbon king, carbon fiber air box and clutch line.

While the fairing was of i decided to upgrade the front lights by adding a second side light and upgrading to a much brighter LED bulb

I have added an Oberon fuel cap, bike is now all ready for an mot, just in time for the crap weather!

In my opinion , one of the best looking bikes ever