This is a unknown kart i have picked up to restore, Nobody so far has been able to identify the builder, but i believe it was a project by a Porsche apprentice.

So i’m calling it a MYSTERY kart.  if anyone has any information on it i’d be grateful.

It has some unusual features, the alloy pedals are unusual, us are the way the steering column and seat supports are made.

now for a few pictures before the strip-down

Strip down

Now i have a few boxes of parts, All the chrome of to the chrome platers. Vehicle and general in Arlsley Bedfordshire. £550!!!!!

But the powder coating was much better priced at £80 for all the parts.  i use Perfect coatings Chapel Farm, Shefford,  bedfordshire, great service and the price included all the bead blasting

started the reassembly, fitted my new chrome parts, bought all new bearings, track rod ends.

New axle carriers and bearings. And a better steering wheel.

New imperial bolts sourced, stainless steel or titanium.

I have bought a freshly rebuilt Komet K88 engine, new carb on order and exhaust in the bead blast cabinet at the moment

I have bought a new original brake set up, got lucky with this, bought the last of old stock, these are now no longer available.
fitted new dunlop tyres all round.

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