My 1991 Porsche 944S2.
My S2 is a great handling car but lacks the acceleration i’d like, so this is a condensed history of the mods and improvements to the car.

When i bought the car it was bog standard, i firstly added 968 electric heated mirrors and 968 door handles.
And a new set of 18″ Turbo wheels

I then added a promax chip and de-cat pipe from Hayward & Scott, to help the breathing i replaced the panel filter with a K&N panel filter, i then junked that and added a huge K&N cone filter from an Aston Martin, putting it right in the cold air flow up front of the radiator.

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I had an old cam cover so i stove enameled it, looks ok so i will do a good one, next i worked on the brakes. but as i am uprating them i thought i would add cooling ducts.
The Porsche items are pants!
I can do better than that!
It required some cutting of the original to fit the intakes, and moving of the power steering cooler, but my solution is cheaper to buy and more effective, some pics of how i did it.

i have cut a hole below the bumper and reshaped the inlets i have bought, very theraputic! much filing and then fiber glass work, once the new back plates were fitted, ducting was fitted, making sure it is long enough on full lock both directions.

While doing this i have fitted an oil cooler in the bottom of the bumper, connected with aeroquipe hose, then mesh to stop stones reaching the disc.
this is an easy mod tho i would recommend buying a spare bumper to re-work, it took me quite a few hours tho, but take longer and get a better finish than a rush job.

Why didn’t Porsche do this! it looks good in my opinion and must be an improvement over standard.

The finished look!

Now thats sorted time to do the brakes, all wheel bearings were replaced, if i am up-rating the brakes seems daft not to!
Calipers refurbished, new PFC race pads, these work great on the road too, new vented and drilled discs.

As i was fitting the brakes i added poly bushes all round, and Gaz Gold shockers all round too

I have fitted grooved and drilled discs, an extravagance!

The best way to get better acceleration is to loose weight, the car not me!
So i have stripped out all the interior, all the sound deadening ( that was heavier than i thought ).
removed the heavy Porsche electric seats, wiring , window motors and fitted perspex items.

The modifying bug has caught, the car is turning into a more orientated track car but i have to reign it in a bit!!
home made center console with fuel and electric cut-offs, roll cage, tho iam not fitting the door bars to help keep access easy.
alloy battery box behind passenger seat.
Light weight door cards with door pulls.

My next job is to weld in the roll cage then i can start a add some carpet and make my own interior panels.

Things have slowed down a lot on this car due to the work on the cab, and needing to buy a mig welder, but the car is running sweet and small things are happening, slowly