This is my rebuild of a very rare 1980 Star Gemini Super Kart, bought of Jim Coulthard.
this was Originally built by Lord Hesketh and one of these went on to win the world championships in 1980, This kart was a right state when i purchased it of Formula One Champion David Coulthard’s father, missing the original engine and exhausts, a good correct engine is in the thousands so for now i will be using a later RD250 engine

So much for a quick and easy rebuild, every part is broken, seized or damaged, some all three!
the strip down has revealed many hours of work to be done.

Every part was stripped off the chassis which was sent of to be vapour blasted, a couple of small repairs and then stove enamelled.

A few pictures of the state of parts before they were reconditioned!

I have had to have new nerf bars and bumpers made using the rusty bent originals as patterns.
Whilst all this was being done i have replaced every bearing on the chassis, new master cylinders, goodridge brake lines.
The original mini cooper brake calipers have had expensive rebuilds.

I have repainted the petrol tank, had all the new bumpers and steering parts re chromed and started re assembling it all

Making the engine mounts

I made wood templates first, then cut out 13mm thick alloy plates, really strong lightweight finished product

Rebuilding the bottom end, converting the gear change to exit out of the right hand engine casing.

To do this you have to use an early clutch cover with the blank which needs to be milled out and drilled to take  the gear lever oil seal.

The gear shaft needs the selector for the drum grinding off, flip the shaft around and re-weld the selector arms back on.

Reverse barrel conversion, Mick Abbey ported barrels, i have opened up the inlets to take larger RD350 YPVS reed blocks, single stage carbon race reeds.

i have opened the inlets up to take the 350 YPVS reed block with carbon fibre race reeds.

YPVS carbs with 1.6mm needle valve inlet to go with the pulse pump.

I have welded on a new mounting plate for the mikuni pulse pump, added a pair of 34mm amal carbs, gear linkage all made, brakes bled, long circuit side tank and frame added

New brake cylinders and pipe, bought a long circuit side tank and mounting frame, painted fiberglass nose and wing.

i bent up the brackets for the wing and brazed on the clamps, its getting there

Fitted a lovely set ef 34mm Amal carbs and PVL ignition

Fibreglass parts and wing now  fitted

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i  have re-made all of the spacers holding the engine in place to 30mm diameter alloy, made a new exhaust support that does away with the two single ones i originally had. steady improvements as i look at things

all the emails and messages i sent, no replys, so i have made the graphics myself, not perfect, but my first attempt

all finished, except! when i added fuel it pissed out the bottom of the tank. the only new tank i can get is from the guy that sold me a duff tank!! not impressed
new tank painted and fitted
Complete new ignition system from electrex world fitted, fuel mixed up and started first time