My latest toy

I have always loved these, this is just for summer use, with a few little cosmetic mods to keep it looking fresh.

i have already changed the brake lines to aeroquipe and dot 5 fluid, stainless steel chain guard.

Much polishing of the titanium bolts i have been fitting.

polished gear and brake levers.

Replacing old and worn parts, old ignition barrel label and new one

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I have chromed the gear lever, brake lever and gear linkage rod, just to keep the high polish.

I have also added a new wavey rear disc, braided brake line, light weight Titanium adjuster blocks.

Many hours spent replacing all odd screws with A2 stainless which i have gone thu 3 stages of polishing.

How i have spent Christmas 17/18 weeks holiday

Rear wheel with new parts.

Just waiting for a supersprox kit from USA and front discs to add later.

New supersprox kit fitted and new stainless steel woo discs, Mintex sinterd race pads for stainless discs, aii fluids changed for new dot 5 race fluids ( much higher boiling point )

Some pictures highlighting the new titanium bolts on the brakes and brackets, titanium chain adjuster blocks, gold titanium adjuster screws, brake bar is chromed too.
i have picked up a single seat hump and painted it , twice now but i can,t get the peal to match properly!!

As the bike has sat all year i am going to rebuild the carbs using viton gaskets to help protect against the ethenol in modern fuel, even tho i only us E10 super in all my cars & bikes
£250 for the dynojet kit and carb rebuild kit!

The carbs were removed, totally stripped down, the parts then went into my ultrasonic tank for a few hours, then all the parts were air blasted dry to make sure any airways were clear, the new dynojet and viton seal kits were fitted.
carbs were rebuilt, then i decided to change all the vacuum diaphragms.