Accelerator Hunting package



IMG_20200315_125824653IMG_20200315_125743566IMG_20200315_130112918IMG_20200315_130107436IMG_20200315_130026272IMG_20200315_130023807IMG_20200315_125824653IMG_20200315_125815241IMG_20200315_125759818IMG_20200315_125743566comprises of the accelerator compound cross bow, this has never been fired just been a display piece

3-9 x 56 zoom scope, 15 arrows with a selection of heads. from target to lethal hunting tips.

this is one of the most powerful compound bows in this price range, comes fitted with quiver, solid weaver mount to keep the scope fixed.

fully adjustable stock, extra removable fore grip, carry strap, box of assorted heads. cocking strap.

this is a collection only item and proof of age 18+ will be needed.

please check you tube to see how good these are!

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