Porsche 944 up rated drop links for a tenner

This article is how to build your own up rated drop links for a tenner, these retail for about £70 on ebay. first you need to source
2 x Right hand thread M10 Male rose joint also known as rod ends.
2 x right hand thread M10 female rose joints
2 x M12 nuts.
2 x M10 x 30mm bolts
4 x M10 Nylock nuts
You can buy the rod ends from motor sport factors for around £7 each, but i found cheap ones on ebay for £3 each, and they have not failed yet!
First remove one drop link, it is a very easy job, you just need 2 19mm spanners or a ratchet and socket 19mm.
The drop link is accessed under the rear suspension arm, it is held in place by 2 19mm nuts, one top and one bottom.
remove these and pull off.
Next screw the male and female rod ends together, i use a lock nut and set them with an extra 10mm of length to just stiffen the back up a nats cock.
Tho i doubt if it will make a noticeable difference.
when refitting the new drop link i used a M12 nut over the top stud, this made a perfect spacer to keep the drop link verticle.
i used new nylock nuts and a new bolt on each side, but you can reuse the originals.
the pictures should help, put the link on the top mount first then jack up the arm a little until the holes line up, then just slide the bottom bolt in.
tighten nuts up and do the other side.
Job done

bottom of drop link, 944 rear suspension
original drop link and parts to make new one
parts assembled
Using 2 bolts to get the length the same
M12 nut at top to act as spacer
new nuts and bottom bolt

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