Porsche 944 up rated drop links for a tenner

This article is how to build your own up rated drop links for a tenner, these retail for about £70 on ebay. first you need to source
2 x Right hand thread M10 Male rose joint also known as rod ends.
2 x right hand thread M10 female rose joints
2 x M12 nuts.
2 x M10 x 30mm bolts
4 x M10 Nylock nuts
You can buy the rod ends from motor sport factors for around £7 each, but i found cheap ones on ebay for £3 each, and they have not failed yet!
First remove one drop link, it is a very easy job, you just need 2 19mm spanners or a ratchet and socket 19mm.
The drop link is accessed under the rear suspension arm, it is held in place by 2 19mm nuts, one top and one bottom.
remove these and pull off.
Next screw the male and female rod ends together, i use a lock nut and set them with an extra 10mm of length to just stiffen the back up a nats cock.
Tho i doubt if it will make a noticeable difference.
when refitting the new drop link i used a M12 nut over the top stud, this made a perfect spacer to keep the drop link verticle.
i used new nylock nuts and a new bolt on each side, but you can reuse the originals.
the pictures should help, put the link on the top mount first then jack up the arm a little until the holes line up, then just slide the bottom bolt in.
tighten nuts up and do the other side.
Job done