A few snaps i can find of my old bikes, if you are my age you may have owned one of these old bikes, i can’t find any pics of my old KH2550, CB750F1, Z750 twin and many old bikes i have owned.

Firstly my old Z1000’s, i had a Z1R and a Z1000mk2

Both had Moriwaki 1100 engines with smoothbore carbs, Harris race pipes. I ran both in the Ultimate Superbike Championships in the 1990’s

I think my old Z1R first, bought from Ken Kay Kawasaki in stopsley, Luton,

A big heavy beast with little ground clearance, the first roundabout i got to, it all grounded out on the exhausts.

So i fitted a harris  4 into 1, grounded the pegs away then, made rear sets, got knee down !!!

Smashed it up trying to hard!

But before i did i fitted Morriwaki 1100 pistons, lumpy cams, 34mm smooth bore carbs, bigger, up rated clutch. Ran this in the ultimate street bike series organised by Superbike magazine, Got in the results a few times, and superbike magazine.

could not keep up with the likes of Pip Highams GSX turbo tho.

This engine went on to be in a Z1000 mk2 i had before buying a GSXR1100.

tho i hated the brakes and the way the gsx handled, I really wanted a FZR1000 but had to wait untill now.

Long Marston raceway, ultimate street bike series

The Z1000 mk2, many parts from my Z1R but the original swinging arm, a little shorter so really good for long wheelies through the gears.

Still a heavy bike compared to the GSXR1100 and FZR1000

EXUP is still my favourite

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Long Marston raceway

Cranfield air strip, when it was used for the odd drag race.