This is my second FZR1000 which i bought for £900 as a restoration project in march 2023, bought locally and pushed home, only a few miles but it took an hour and a half.
Bedfordshire is not as flat as it looks.
The next few pictures are when i got it home.

This page is going to be more pictorial history of the strip down, a reference for when i put it back together, and to help anyone doing a similar project

The first thing i did was borrow the battery of my other bike and see if she starts, which amazingly she did, which after standing for years was a result, not supprisingly petrol pissed out everywhere, so first job is a full carb set rebuild.

The carbs were stripped and seperated and into my ulrasonic cleaning tank, once clean new seal kit and dynajet kits were fitted.
New inlet rubbers bought which will be fitted when the carbs go back on.
The original diaphrams had seen better days so new ones have been fitted.

i am stripping the bike down and repairing and respraying parts as i go, starting with the front end.
clocks of the forks and wheels, taking loads of pictures as i go so i can put back together easier!

The footrests and hangers, yolks and engine cases , fairing brackets have all been bead blasted, some parts i will paint and some i will polish.
i have also been buying new parts.
wheel bearings front and back.
New headstock bearings.
Second hand exup vave as the one fitted was mullered.
new footrest rubbers, handle bar grips.
and stacks of stainless steel fittings.

The next pictures are the stripdown, it had to be done quickly as the mrs was not happy with another project in the house

At this point i wished i’d removed the engine first!

Thank you for taking the time to follow this project